5 Plant Based Foods With More Protein Then Beef

  • 13 Sep 2017
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As a Vegan I get a lot of attention on the subject of protein intake. I always hear ”Where do your get your protein?” or ”You will never gain muscles on your diet, there is no protein!”. I have found that a lot of the American population gets their needed protein and more everyday, but not always in the healthiest versions. Animal products (Beef, eggs, lactose) are usually high in protein, but are equally high in calories and even higher in cholesterol-forming saturated fats! Which if not regulated can effect your physique. Thats why I choose Plant Based foods, they contain a variety of amino acids that help to build complete proteins in the body. Per ounce their percentage of protein to amount of total calories is way higher than most animal products. Here are five Plant based foods that have more protein then Beef ounce for ounce.

1) Spinach

With 5 grams of protein pre cup and only 30 calories spinach is a amazing ways to boost your protein intake. This taste green does not stop there tho it is also a amazing source of iron and vitamin c. So just add two cups to your saild, wrap or smoothy and powered up for your day.



Almonds provide 7 grams of protein in just one ounce, partnered with vitamin E and heart healthy fats. They also have high doses of beneficial magnesium and calcium. Almond butter has the same benefits but be sure to get the sugar free ones.



Hemp seeds are my favorite way to add that extra protein in my day! With 10 grams of protein pre ounce(about 2 tablespoons) rich in all the essential amino acids .Plus most of the calories come from omega 3 and 6 combined with the protein.You can use hemp seeds or hemp powder and both will boost your energy levels and positively effect your mood. I highly suggest trying some out if you have not yet do so you will love them!



Spirallina is 65% protein yes I said ” 65% protein”. You get 4 grams of protein for one teaspoon which is completely unheard of in all other foods! Spirallina also provides a amazing amount of iron , B vitamins and vital trace minerals. So throw a scoop of this blue green algae in your soothe and get your health on.


Pre calorie, broccoli packs in more protein then beef with about 2.5 grams pre 30 calorie. Broccoli also is filled with amino acids, fiber, and vitamin B6 which has been linked to help fight cancer.( It is said by Dr sebi that broccoli is not healthy for you, if you want to know more about Dr sebi click here https://drsebiscellfood.com)