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What Kinds Of Water To Drink (TO NOT BE POISONED)

Lets start off with some facts about water The average human body is made up of 55 to 70 precent water(newborn babies can reach up to 78 % water! Water covers 70.9 precent of the planets surface! 1.8 billion people worldwide drink water that is contaminated with feces! Without water you will die in around […]

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My Top Ten Favorite Superfoods Superfoods have always interested me because of the spatular things they do for your mind and body. These amazing foods also come from all corners of the globe and are right at are fingertips.(we are so abundant) Here is my list of some of the superfoods that has helped me […]

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5 Plant Based Foods With More Protein Then Beef

As a Vegan I get a lot of attention on the subject of protein intake. I always hear ”Where do your get your protein?” or ”You will never gain muscles on your diet, there is no protein!”. I have found that a lot of the American population gets their needed protein and more everyday, but […]

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